How The Dub Wholesale increased throughput 2.5x and reduced opex by 20%

Explore The Dub Wholesale's operational revolution powered by Marjin's platform, resulting in a substantial boost in throughput and significant reduction in operating expenses.

The Dub

The four key insights and areas of improvement


Rapid intakes result in lower operating expense

By utilizing Marjin's rapid intake features, The Dub Wholesale was able to significantly reduce their operational expenses.


Faster fulfillment means more order throughput and capacity

Marjin's streamlined fulfillment process enabled The Dub Wholesale to handle more orders efficiently, increasing their overall capacity.


Real-time inventory visibility improves customer service

With Marjin's real-time inventory tracking, The Dub Wholesale could offer better customer service by providing immediate and accurate product availability.


Reduced error rates and compliance risks

Marjin's automated systems helped The Dub Wholesale minimize errors and compliance risks, enhancing overall operational integrity.


Thursday demo, Saturday exploration, Monday deployment

The Dub Wholesale was able to quickly understand Marjin's capabilities with a Thursday demo, explore the platform over the weekend, and deploy by Monday.


Shaving 80% of the time off reconciling incoming transfers

Marjin's highly efficient intake process enabled The Dub Wholesale to significantly reduce the time spent on reconciling incoming transfers by 80%.


In the screen-capture, observe how The Dub's dedicated staff utilized a Nadamoo bluetooth barcode scanner (left) and a Moto G Android phone to effortlessly scan all 20 tags of an intake within a mere 30 seconds.

This amounts to an impressive average of 1.5 seconds per tag, while completely eliminating the occurrence of human error or any tedious delays typically encountered in the traditional "tag calls" method. With this outdated approach, two individuals would collaborate, with one person calling out the tag numbers and the other painstakingly searching through numerous pages of a printed manifest, using a pen to mark each tag.


Same labor cost, but averaging 40% more orders processed per month

Marjin's advanced platform revolutionized The Dub's fulfillment operations, delivering nearly a 40% increase in order throughput, from a daily average of 42 up to over 60, all while maintaining the same labor costs. Not only were labor costs sustained, but employee job satisfaction was up year-over-year as well. This impressive efficiency boost is attributed to our intuitive, real-time inventory management system and streamlined process for creating outgoing manifests when picking and. packing orders for delivery.

Our solution empowers businesses to optimize their workflows, dramatically enhancing productivity without inflating payroll. The case of The Dub Wholesale serves as a powerful example of how Marjin's innovative approach to cannabis software can transform the economics of your business, maximizing output while keeping expenses in check.


Offering inventory visibility to improve customer experience and reduce costs

Marjin's solution elevates The Dub Wholesale's customer experience by offering real-time inventory visibility, significantly reducing administrative overhead. This feature enables customers to access up-to-date stock information, fostering transparency and trust. Simultaneously, it alleviates the burden on The Dub's team, who no longer need to manually update customers about inventory levels. This innovative approach not only enhances customer satisfaction but also streamlines operations, cutting costs and improving efficiency.


Eliminating data entry to reduce error rates and risk of falling out of compliance

Marjin's platform dramatically reduces The Dub Wholesale's risk of compliance violations by eliminating manual data entry. This not only lowers error rates but also streamlines regulatory adherence. Our automated system ensures accurate, real-time data reporting, crucial for maintaining compliance in the dynamic cannabis industry. This innovative approach frees up resources, allowing The Dub to focus on growth and customer service, secure in the knowledge that their compliance needs are expertly managed.


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