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With Marjin, licensed cannabis operators are streamlining operations and gaining unparalleled visibility into their supply chains. 

Check out our comprehensive list of all the cannabis app features that make Marjin's platform the most cost-effective solution for licensed businesses.


How our platform's features cater to all licensees

Discover how our platform's features are designed with all licensees in mind. These eight principles guide our commitment to creating smooth workflows for our network users and the broader cannabis industry.



In a world where every second counts, Marjin offers real-time visibility into your inventory levels and order fulfillment statuses across partner facilities. No more waiting for spreadsheet updates or making phone calls; your data is always up-to-date.



See your supply chain like never before. Marjin provides you with a clear view into your internal operations, eliminating the black boxes that often surrounds inventory at partner facilities. Make informed decisions based on accurate, real-time data.



Transparency isn't just a corporate value; it's a community standard. On Marjin, every user contributes to an ecosystem of open information and honest dealings, making the network stronger and more reliable for everyone.



We don't play favorites. Our workflows are designed to be impartial, providing a level playing field for all users. Whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise, you'll get the same unbiased access to opportunities.



Trust is built on transparency and accuracy. With transaction and company ratings, Marjin enables operators to transact with confidence. Know who you're dealing with and grow your network securely, thanks to social proof from your fellow licensees.



We take no chances when it comes to security. From end-to-end encryption to multi-factor authentication, we employ state-of-the-art security protocols to protect your data and financial assets.



The market never sleeps, and neither do we. Our platform is engineered for high availability and fault tolerance, ensuring that you can operate without interruptions, even under the most challenging conditions.



Marjin serves as an additional sales channel designed to boost liquidity by facilitating faster and easier transactions. Our platform can operate in parallel with your current processes, adding value without operational drag.

marjin apps
deals-1 Deals

Post Unlimited Offers

No caps on how many offers you can post, giving you maximum exposure.

Public or Private Offers

Choose to broadcast your offers to everyone or keep them exclusive to selected partners.

Irrevocable & Time-Limited Bids

Bids are binding and expire after 24 hours, ensuring serious engagement.

Offer Matching & Counter-Offers Bids

Buyers can either match your offer or propose a counter-offer, giving you flexibility in negotiations.

Concurrent Bidding

Bid on multiple deals concurrently to take advantage of the Deals you find before they are sold out from under you.

Automatic Order Conversion

Closed deals automatically turn into orders, streamlining your workflow.

Orders-2 Orders

Deals to Orders

Seamlessly transition from accepted bids on the Deals feed to formal orders.

Circular Orders

Create orders on-site at shops from a circular manifest, making in-person transactions smoother.

Direct Orders

Create ad-hoc orders directly to customers, bypassing the need for a deal.

Auto-Generated Orders

Set up cadence forecasts and par-level alerts for automated order generation.

Live Fulfillment Monitoring

Track the fulfillment process in real-time right from the order.

Real-Time Status Updates

Order statuses update automatically, keeping everyone in the loop.

Invoice Tracking

Keep tabs on your invoices based on the real-time status of your orders.

marjin icon Network

License-to-brand data sharing

Provide vendors, customers, and partner-brands with complete visibility of their inventory within your authorized facility. This will empower them to efficiently manage and monitor their own stock in real-time, across the entire network. By doing so, it will alleviate the burden of reporting on your team and enhance your customer service, especially if you operate as a white label processor for third-party brands or a distributor. As a retailer, enhance your operational efficiency by attracting competitive brands and connecting with vendors for product when you need them.  

Brand-to-license visibility


See your products even when they're at a partner's facility by requesting visibility of your branded inventory from supply chain partners or retail customers and wholesale buyers. Discover and grow your best sales channels by providing them with a superior customer experience by having the complete picture of your inventory, your supply, and the demand for your product. 


Give or gain Partner Brand access

Allow brand partners like processors and distributors to view your branded inventory. License facilities share to brands, and brands can share to partner organizations. This means, for example, if a retailer is data sharing from their licenses to your brand and you work with a distribution partner, making the distributor a brand partner will give the distributor the visibility of your brand's inventory levels at that retailer, along with all the other licenses that have enabled data sharing to that brand.  
Inventory Inventory

Real-time inventory management

Manage and view your inventory in real-time.

Supply chain visibility with "Live Networked Inventory"

See your products even when they're at a partner's facility.

Give or gain Partner Brand access

Allow brand partners like processors and distributors to view your inventory.

Find packages fast with advanced filtering

Use up to 14 dimensions to find exactly what you're looking for.

Low maintenance auto-branding with Brand Rules

Automatically brand items based on preset rules.

Give customers or vendors total visibility for a better experience

Let your customers see their products and statuses when stored in your inventory.

Fulfillment-2 Fulfillment

Rapid & efficient intakes with no errors

Use our mobile app's Intakes feature to confirm incoming packages quickly.

Convenient barcode scanning from phone cameras

Eliminate manual entry with our in-app Metrc tag scanner.

Works with bluetooth 2D/3D barcode & RFID scanners

Use any Bluetooth-capable barcode scanner for even greater efficiency.

Live inventory & order status updates and notifications

Stay updated in real-time across all key areas.

Build outgoing transfer templates while picking orders in real-time

Marjin's dynamic workflow allows you to construct outgoing transfer templates simultaneously as you pick orders, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. This real-time feature streamlines the order fulfillment process, reducing the time between order receipt and dispatch, and significantly minimizes the potential for errors. 

Auto-assign order fulfillment to the distributor in possession

Marjin's Fulfillment workflow includes an innovative feature that automatically assigns order fulfillment tasks to the distributor currently holding the inventory. This ensures a seamless and efficient fulfillment process, as orders are fulfilled directly from the distributor with the stock, reducing transit times and optimizing the supply chain. This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses operating with multiple distributors, as it intelligently navigates through the inventory landscape to expedite order processing. 

Directory-3 Directory

Comprehensive Search

Find any licensee or a broad range of non-licensed organizations.

Catalog Searches

Look up public and private product catalogs.

List Manager

Create custom lists of companies for targeted interactions.

Separate Business Comms

Keep your business communications separate from personal channels.

Social Proof from the Network Community

Trust ratings and reviews from the community.

Metrics for Informed Credit Decisions

Use network data to make smarter credit choices.

Chat-1 Messaging

Team Chat

Unlimited team chat users and channels for internal communication.

Partner Channels

Create channels specifically for communication with business partners.

Network Messaging

Direct message anyone in the network, expanding your reach.

Organization Organization

National connectivity

Link all your licenses and subsidiaries where Metrc is used.

Brand management

Manage your brand properties across states and licenses.

Supply chain network

Build a network of partners for greater visibility and efficiency.

Role-based access

Control what each team member can see and do with custom roles.

Workforce segmentation & data access controls

Keep your team focused on their core functions.
Profile Profile

Personal branding

Establish your reputation in the industry.

Social network links

Connect your Marjin profile to Instagram, LinkedIn, and more.

Colleague connections

Use the Connect feature or send your connection link to network with colleagues.

One tool for all your workflows