Missouri cannabis market

Navigating Missouri's Cannabis Market: Growth, Opportunities, and Legal Hurdles

A Comprehensive Look at Missouri's Emerging Cannabis Landscape.


Rapid Growth

Missouri's cannabis market is booming, outperforming other states new to cannabis sales. In June alone, the state reported total cannabis sales of $121.2 million.

Microbusiness Licenses

Missouri recently awarded nearly 50 microbusiness licenses, expanding the market and providing opportunities for smaller entrepreneurs to get a piece of the pie.

Competitive Edge

Compared to New York, Missouri is doing exceptionally well. While New York struggles with underperformance, Missouri's sales average for the first three months was impressive, making it a strong competitor among states that recently legalized cannabis.


Licensing Expansion

The awarding of microbusiness licenses opens doors for small-scale operators, diversifying the market and potentially leading to innovative products and services.

Strong Sales

The high sales figures indicate a robust consumer base, offering a fertile ground for new businesses and expansions.

Regulatory Clarity

Missouri has a more straightforward regulatory landscape compared to states like New York, making it easier for businesses to operate without the fear of sudden regulatory shifts.


Tax Disputes

A recent lawsuit filed by a cannabis dispensary in northwestern Missouri challenges the county-imposed sales tax, claiming it violates the state constitution. This could have implications for cannabis sales taxes statewide.


While the market is growing, the competition is fierce, especially with the introduction of microbusinesses. Companies will need to differentiate themselves to capture consumer attention.

Regulatory Uncertainties

Despite the relatively clear regulations, there are still some grey areas, such as the ongoing tax dispute, that could pose challenges for businesses in the future.


Missouri's cannabis market is flourishing with promising sales figures and a growing number of licenses. While there are challenges, particularly in the tax landscape, the overall outlook is favorable and offers numerous opportunities for both new and existing businesses.

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